Fixed Speed Air Compressor

Hydrovane 5-7-8 Series (Legacy Model)


Hydrovane compressors are designed and engineered to meet the highest standards. They are low vibration machines that are easy to install and built with state of the art manufacturing and advanced material technologies. As a result, they are very reliable and achieve a high quality of air with low maintenance cost and low noise levels.



5 Series Classic

The 5 Series air compressors are ideal for a variety of applications including car body repairs, dentistry, packaging, farming and OEM's.  They are compact and very quiet, which means they can be situated at the point of use, available free-standing or with a receiver and with over-temperature thermistor protection fitted as standard.

7 Series Classic

Designed to meet even the most rigorous demands for compressed air in this HP range, the 7 Series establishes new standards in energy efficiency and performance.  With features that include a servo-unloader valve which hydraulically matches air input to air demand and an integral aftercooler, the 7 Series compressors are tough, durable, quiet and thoroughly practical.

8 Series Classic

With efficiency and running costs very much in mind, 8 Series models have amongst its many advanced features, Hydrovane's unique auto-idle control system fitted as standard.  This system allows the compressor to run off load at much less than 30% of full load power, with instant reaction to air demand.