Oil free compressors

Quantima Oil-Less Variable Speed Compressor


Quantima’s™ patented Q-drive™ compression and motor assembly has just one moving part and operates with the rotor spinning in a magnetic field at up to 60,000 rpm. Q-drive™ is special for what it doesn’t have: no gearbox, no oil, no contact, no wear. Quantima™ is a truly unique innovation providing the ultimate in performance and efficiency, reducing your costs significantly.



  • Magnetic Bearing - The motor and direct drive compression assembly incorporates magnetic bearings to provide stable control both axially and radially of the rotor shaft.
  • Q-driveTM High Speed Motor - The patented Q-drive™ motor incorporates an asynchronous induction design and operates at high speeds to avoid the need for a conventional gearbox.
  • Inlet Filters- High efficiency inlet air filtration for effective protection of the compression assembly.
  • Stainless Steel Coolers - Contains water in a straight stainless steel tube design which is standard for long service life and simple maintenance.
  • Q-masterTM Controller -Provides for the comprehensive control and protection of the compressor’s operation. It incorporates a touch screen panel as well as intuitive navigation and menu structure for easy-to-use operation. It also includes sophisticated control methodology and surge calibration designed to minimize energy consumption.
  • Variable Speed Drive - The variable speed high frequency inverter drive acts as a gearbox. Not only does it allow for the required high speeds for compression, it also provides variable speed operation to match compressor flow to plant demand and hence minimize power consumption.
  • Zero Loss Drains - The Quantima™ package is fitted with zero lossdrains which automatically drain condensate from the package based on level sensors.
  • EMC Filter and Line Reactor - The Quantima™ package incorporates a Line Reactor on the incoming mains power to protect the compressor drive from abrupt changes to incoming power supply and also function as protection against harmonics back to the mains supply.
  • Acoustic Canopy -The compressor is housed in a modular acoustic canopy with intelligent sound attenuation resulting in noise levels which are the lowest of any compressor in this class – just 69 dB(A).
  • Simple Installation - The Quantima™ compressor is a fraction of the weight and size of conventional compressors, meaning it has a significantly smaller physical footprint. In addition, the compressor incorporates a VSD soft start drive, eliminating current spikes on start up.