Ivys joins The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association


Ivys Adsorption


Ivys joins The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association

March 28, 2024, Blainville, Quebec, CANADA

The CHFCA is a national association supporting hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. Its mission is to strengthen Canadian leadership, raise awareness of the technology's benefits, and accelerate the adoption of its members’ products and services in Canada and abroad.

"As an innovator and manufacturer of hydrogen purification and conditioning solutions located in Quebec, Ivys is excited about its role in facilitating the transition to a cleaner future. As an active member of the CHFCA, we look forward to supporting the growth of the hydrogen sector both locally and globally,” said Prabhu Rao, CEO of Ivys Adsorption.

Ivette Vera-Perez, CEO of CHFCA said “We are delighted to announce the addition of Ivys Adsorption to the CHFCA membership. Their technological innovation in the purification of renewable gases is exciting and inspiring for the future of sustainability. We eagerly anticipate the collaboration with Ivys Adsorption, as we continue to advance Canada’s hydrogen economy.”

Read the CHFCA press release here

About Ivys Adsorption Inc

Ivys offers both high-performance and innovative technological solutions for the purification of renewable gas and a wide range of equipment for the conditioning, compression, and filtration of air and gas. Ivys is part of the movement aiming to decarbonize the planet with a sustainable development model that integrates economic growth through social and environmental responsibilities.