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Helium Purification

Helium, a scarce, non-renewable gas, is used in the production of fiber optic equipment and semiconductors. Other industrial uses of helium include optoelectronics, laser welding, cold gas spraying, chemical processing and leak detection. Rising demand and declining reserves of helium have led to dramatic increases in the price of helium, intensifying the market for helium recovery systems.


The He-3200 combines patented rotary valve pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology and conventional beaded adsorbents with an optimized PSA cycle to deliver higher helium recovery performance than conventional PSA systems. The Xebec by Ivys He-3200 requires only one –quarter of the space of a conventional PSA and, with only two valves, is simpler to operate.

The He-3200 provides a compact, cost-efficient solution for the recovery and recycling of helium in leak testing, metals deposition processes and fiber optic and semiconductor manufacturing facilities.

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