When volume flexibility & scalability are unlimited

For RNG transformers generating very large volumes of Biogas, Ivys offers reliable, stable and proven technology. Our PSAs are active in all four corners of the planet in various installations. Farms, landfill sites, wastewater transformation plants, the possibilities offered are multiple with the technology and know-how of our team.

Ivys’ RNG Solution Advantages

Compare the key features of Ivys’ biogas upgrading solutions with other available technologies:

Comparison Ivys
Removes CO2
Removes N2 & 02 (partially)
Delivers high methane recovery
Keeps operating & maintenance costs low
No water, chemicals or solvents are added
Economical in wide range of flows
Easy to operate
Delivers reliable & consistent life performance
Environmentally friendly
Produces high-purity biomethane
Quick start-up
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How Ivy’s is reducing CO2 emission impact

A proven technology

L'Oie, France
L’Oie, France

Biogas from Anaerobic Digestion of a mix of municipal/agri/ food waste

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L’Oie, France
Commissioned: 2016
Chantonnay, France
Chantonnay, France

Biogas from Anaerobic Digestion of local organic matter

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Chantonnay, France
Commissioned: 2017
Salmon Arm, Canada
Salmon Arm, Canada

Landfill gas to RNG into Fortis BC pipeline

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Salmon Arm, B.C., Canada
Commissioned: 2010
Genoa, Italy
Genoa, Italy

Biogas purification with ivys’ psa (2 stage)

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Genoa, Italy
Commissioned: 2020


Model Biogas Flow Product Gas Flow Dimensions Energy Consumption
Width Length
scfm Nm3/h scfm Nm3/h ft m ft m kW
BGX Biostream 140 225 86 135 39 12 7.5 2.3 55
BGX Biostream+ 280 450 171 270 39 12 7.5 2.3 110
2X BGX 951 1500 571 900 134 41 65.7 20 330
3X BGX 1268 2000 761 1200 154 47 82 25 520
BGX Custom Design 1585 2500 951 1500 194 59 98.5 30 725

Configuration calculator

Tell us more about the Biogas you’ve got. We’ll recommend the best configuration for your needs.

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