Compressed Air Dryers

Super-Dry Heavy Duty Desiccant Air Dryer

Super Dry

The SuperDry Compressed Air Dryers contain two highly efficient polypropylene coalescer elements at inlet & outlet ports to absorb oil and solid air particles. Also included, one large desiccant bag specifically designed to absorb moisture and condensation from your compressed air system.



  • Up to 300 SCFM per air dryer; additional air dryers in parallel to increase air flow capacity;
  • Desiccant (activated alumina); other absobant available on demand (eg. Molecular Sieve);
  • Special V-band stainless steel clamps permit easy cover removal for cartridge replacement
  • Max. working pressure of the SuperDry Compressed Air Dryers (D Series): 150 P.S.I.G.
  • Pressure drop: 3 P.S.I.G. at 100 P.S.I.G. input
  • Best dewpoint down to-40°F (may vary depending on your system installation & other environmental conditions)

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