Oil free compressors



ELGi is amongst the few screw air compressor manufacturers with an in house designed and manufactured oil-free airend. ELGi’s oil-free range provides class zero oil-free air with leading energy efficiency, reliability, and low operating costs, supported by a Best-in-class warranty.


Reliability / Working Conditions

  • A Lower speed of airend » Provides better reliability due to lower gear ratios
  • The usage of rigid Stainless Steel tubes » Improves product reliability and reduces maintenance.
  • Reduced pressure differentials: load-unload pressure differential is 2.9 psi » Reduces stress on the motor.
  • Tropical design » Ensures reliable operation at severe working temperatures (23ºF to 113ºF)

Efficiency / Cost of Ownership

Low life cycle cost- High-energy efficiency design delivers maximum UPTIME and lower cost of ownership

  • Operates on low-pressure cooling-water head » Reduces power consumption of feedwater pumps
  • Lower temperature differential of cooling water » Power savings by reducing cooling water pump sizing
  • Optimized airend design delivers the best efficiency in its class at different pressures, providing a quicker return on investment
  • The OF series compressor package ensures that cooling water in-out temperature differential is only 14ºF compared to other conventional systems with 57.2ºF » Ensures lower thermal stress to the system, a better fouling factor and a lower cost of ownership

Consistent Air Quality

Consistent oil-free air meeting ISO8573-1 class 0 oil standards.

  • Food-grade coating is done where air contacts the metal surface inside the compressor » Ensures consistent oil-free air without metal debris
  • Pipes have special e-coating » Ensures consistently clean and oil-free air
  • Optimized rotor clearances » Ensures consistent air delivery as rotor coatings remain uniform