The significant reduction of the flow velocity within the filtration medium makes the APF series the market leader in efficiency and lowest pressure drop.

The KSI ECOCLEAN combines operational safety and economy in one product:

• through the clever design of the internal and external support frame up to 55% less differential pressure compared to conventional support cylinders

• maximum filter area due to the specially optimized pleating ? for maximum surface filtration

• special component adhesive securely fixes the end caps

• plastic end caps prevent blooming and bacterial growth

• filter drainage layer made of special fleece stabilizes the filter medium and protects against inflating effects and crack formation

• high-performance filter fleece is chemically, mechanically and thermally (up to 248°F) resistant and technically silicone-free

• filter depth enables highest filtration capacity


Compressed Air Filter with threaded connection

  • Up to 55 % less differential pressure ► significantly reduced energy demand and thus significantly reduced energy costs.
  • NEW: high-density deep-bed pleating, made possible by new pleating machines, tighter pleating and new filter medium ► about 250% larger filtration surface compared to a conventional pleated element ► approximately 25% greater filtration surface compared to a conventional deep-bed pleated element