Carbon tower



Capacity up to 1800 cfm

Residual oil content to: < 0.003 mg/m³ at 68°F

Oil aerosols up to 0.01 mg/m³ can be extracted by filtration technology. If higher quality compressed air is required oil vapour can be adsorbed by a classical ECOTROC activated carbon adsorber. The result is an exceptionally high air quality with a residual oil content down to 0.003 mg/m³. The ECOTROC CT product group can be divided into the lighter CTAP aluminium version, CTN standard welded version and the CTF version with flange connection.


CTF 915 - CTF 1800

  • Optimal adsorption of oil vapor (hydrocarbons)
  • High active activated carbon for air and gases brings maximum efficiency
  • Optimized volume flow distribution over the entire activated carbon bed
  • Residual oil content up to maximum: <0.003 mg/m³
  • Oil indicator for checking the saturation level, standard starting with ATC 15
  • Easy accessibility for uncomplicated maintenance 10,000 hours of activated carbon service life*.

*The application time of the activated carbon depends on the quality and the relative humidity of the medium, as well as the type of compressor.


  • Optimized adsorption of oil vapor (hydrocarbons)
  • Highly activated carbon for air and gases ensures maximum efficiency
  • Optimized volume flow diversion through the whole activated carbon bed
  • Residual oil content up to maximum 0.003 mg/m³
  • Oil indicator monitors the saturation stage, standard from model CTN105 and larger (optional for CTAP)
  • Easy access to all components simplifies maintenance
  • 8,000 hours activated carbon life time*

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