Desiccant air dryers



Pressure dew point down to -40°F

Capacity up to 705 cfm

Desiccant dryers are used in environments where a specified pressure dew point of -40°F to -94°F must be reliable and safe. Dryers of the ECOTROC DD series are available in three versions: as a compact aluminum series (DDAP) for volume flows up to 110 cfm, with welded vessels (DDN) for volume flows up to 705 cfm as well as in the large version (DDF) up to 1800 cfm*. Higher volume flows are available on request.


DDN 90 - DDN 705

  • Protection of production & processes ► longer service cycles for machines and installations
  • High-value desiccants ► constant pressure dew points, constant air quality
  • Minimized energy requirements ► lowers operating costs
  • Maximized operating reliablility ► protection against production and machine failure
  • Best industrial equipment quality ► long service cycles and lifetime
  • Intelligent control ► comfortable comfortable operability and operation
  • Brand system components ► simple maintenance
  • High serviceability ► minimizes service costs
  • Simple and safe assembly ► quick commissioning
  • Optional up to -94°F

Attributes and benefits

Two large-dimensioned silencers

Risk of clogging with desiccant dust virtually eliminated

Use of quality drying agents

More safety in performancern

Standard pre and post filtration

System safetyrn

Regeneration gas recirculation

Included as standardrn

Delivery of ready-to-connect units

Lifting lugs

Lifting lugs at all vessels make the installation into an existing system easierrn

Robust and solid construction

Floor fixation possible

Modular approach

Many individual solutions possible


  • Change of desiccant via filling and emptying openings
  • Disassembly of the complete pipe bridges by loosening just three screws
  • Comfortable and fast service work
  • Simple and clear service packages
  • Easy to understand control unit, simple menu navigation (with ETC 4.0)

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