Desiccant air dryers



Working pressure 725 · 3625 · 5075 · 6525 · 7250 psi

Pressure dew point -4°F down to -94°F

Capacity up to 825 cfm

Desiccant dryers are used in environments where a specified pressure dew point of -40°F to -94°F must be reliable and safe. Dryers of the ECOTROC DD series are available in three versions: as a compact aluminum series (DDAP) for volume flows up to 110 cfm, with welded vessels (DDN) for volume flows up to 705 cfm as well as in the large version (DDF) up to 1800 cfm*. Higher volume flows are available on request.


Desiccant Dryer | Activated Carbon Adsorber - High pressure

  • The new benchmark in the cost-benefit ratio
  • Compact design
  • Premium high-pressure fittings
  • Weld seam-free stainless steel vessel
  • Internal self-cleaning dust filter
  • Stainless steel towers with 3-bed fill
  • Preloaded desiccant bed
  • Low-maintenance fittings
  • Maximum service life and durability
  • Robust, torsion-resistant construction and design
  • High-quality components long service life & durability
  • Intelligent control comfortable operability and operation
  • High serviceability and maintenance friendliness minimizes service costs
  • With compressor synchronisation control as standard
  • Upper valve unit incl. variable nozzle

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