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ELGi portable compressors offer a wide range of applications that are emission and noise compliant, reliable, and efficient with low life cycle cost. The portable compressor range provides a wide range of pressures for different applications, a noise-free liquid cooling system for the engine, and a no-key, centralized control panel for easy monitoring. ELGi’s portable compressors comply with applicable international standards such as CE, ASME and DOSH, and they find applications in several industries, including mining, sandblasting, construction sites, oil and gas separation, cable laying, cleaning, chipping hammers, waterfall drilling, CBM (coal bed methane), among others.

ELGi Portable Series GP-35FP


The GP35FP is specifically designed to meet the needs of fiber-optic cable blowing professionals. From motorways to digital highways, compressed air has always played a leading role in building the next future.

  • Integrated aftercooler and moisture separators to reduce the service air temperature to ambient + 3.6°F
  • Features a Vanguard 23 HP gas engine with electric start
  • Produce 35 cfm at 218 psi, making it perfect for fiber-optic cable installations.
  • A skid option is available for installation on a utility truck or trailer.

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Max Operating Pressure Free Air Delivery Minimum Working Pressure
218 psi 35 cfm 80 psi
Drive System Engine-Airend Compressor Cooling System Oil Cooling Capacity
Belt Drive Air/Oil 1.33 gal
Outlet Valves Noise Level Battery Capacity
1 x 3/4" ≤ 76 dBA 12V cc - 330A-45Ah (EN)
Fuel Tank Capacity Consumes (Average Engine
3.9 gal 1.7 gal/h
Petrol Engine
Engine Make Engine Type Engine System
Vanguard Engine Model 3864 4 Strokes
Displacement N. Cylinders Aspiration
627 cc 2 Natural
Max Engine Power @3600 RPM Max Engine Speed Min Engine Speed
23 HP 3600 RPM 2000 RPM
Cooling System Lubrication System Lubrication System Capacity
Air Oil 0.375 gal
Oil In Air Compressed Air Temperature Max Altitude
1-3 PPM Ambient +3.6°F 6000 ft
Min Working Temperature Max Working Temperature
14° F 115°F


  • Skid support

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